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Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer is a printing technique which involves the thermal printing on the material. It may be applied to different surfaces and used for the low circulation commissions, which added to its popularity especially in the advertisement industry.

At first the design needs to be prepared on a paper or a foil. The next step is printing with use of a template, just like in the silkscreen technique. After printing, the print requires to be mixed with glue in order to be transfered onto the chosen surface.​

The picture which we desire to transfer may be copied or printed on a special paper designed for thermal transfer. The picture is later printed onto the desired surface by using the thermal press. This metod is best used for labelling the products with irregular shapes, or printing on unusual spots, like baseball caps, pencil cases, shirt collars, stand-up collars or the edge of the sleeve. The other applications are prints on the mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, or different kinds of plastic-based materials. Such kind of print may be applied to leather materials, wood, ceramics or glass.  


Unfortunately, the printout made with this technique is not resistant to the weather conditions and UV rays exposure. It is not recommended if the high durability of the print is desired.

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