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DTG (Direct to Garment), is a direct printing on the given fabric. It does not require screens, dies or plates. The technique allows for the direct printing on, among others, cotton shirts, with the aid of a special printer and accordingly modified printing inks and printheads.

The basic elements of DTG printer are the special platform, on which the garment designed for printing is placed upon, and the aforementioned inks. Their role is to seep into the fibers and repoduce the design in full colour, with gradient. It allows for strenghtening of the printed image and have a favourable impact on its color fastness.

The DTG technology is present on the market for several years now, so it is safe to discern it as a relatively new technique leaving all other printing methods behind. Silkscreen, although with rich history, requires the preparation of the high cost screen, which in turn demands a higher circulation. With the DTG technology, the printing costs are relatively lower. DTG allows for the direct printing and it does not require high circulation. 

The advantages of DTG:


  • realistic gradient and color reproduction

  • high quality reproduction of complex designs

  • high durability

  • print is flexible and feels nice to the touch

  • no dies and preparations costs

  • large printing field

  • printing on multi-colored surfaces

  • perfect for single prints

T-shirts for DTG should be dense and thick woven, and contain at least 90% cotton.

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