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Why us?

You do not have to say a word to exhibit your convictions and your character. Print on a T-shirt lets you do that! By putting any form of design or caption on your clothes, you reveal a part of your personality. Funny print on your clothes will show that you have a distance to yourself, and designs by your hand allow you to showcase your talent. Print on T-shirts and other clothing items is commonly used in advertisements. Such apparel is used during the promotional campaigns in plain air events or as an element of the corporate identity in a company, and is a part of the occupational clothing. 

We are using the technology which is suitable both for the surface which was selected for printing, and for the amount of circulation. It is very important, taking the cost effectiveness into account. The commonly known screen printing is perfect for bigger circulation, while for the smaller commissions we are using traditional printing techniques. We are using thermal transfer, sublimation, embroidery, solvent, flex and flock, and hot foil techniques in our work. We are printing on clothes (t-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirts and others), cotton bags, working clothes, sport clothes, caps, towels, etc.

We are offering a wide variety of the advertising gadgets together with a branding process, such as ballpoint pens, thermo-mugs, powerbanks, pendrives, notebooks, calendars and more. 


The undecided may be encouraged by our portfolio, which presents examples of our finished projects. Maybe you can find your inspiration here!

We are taking commissions from entrepreneurs of different industries from Poland and abroad. We speak English and German. 


We look forward to working with you! :)



Our productions, made with passion...



We are an experienced and dynamically developing team, having the long-standing practice in printing and advertising industries.

We provide printing services on the renowned high quality materials which have been approved for safe use.

Our area of work contains broadly understood labelling of promotional products, including: 

  • T-shirts

  • Promotional bags

  • Polo shirts

  • Working shirts

  • Sport outfits

  • Sweatshirts

  • Shirts

  • Fleeces

  • Safety jackets

  • Caps

  • ...and many more

We are pursuing projects of high and low circulation alike.


We are operating on the local and foreign market.

Our virtue is, in the first place, the exemplary flexibility of working with advertisement agencies and the individual recipient. 

While working with us you can expect: 

-help with the realization of the graphic projects

-adjustment of products to the needs and expectations

-the highest quality and attractive prices

-individual approach to every single commission

-open-mindedness to the new... not necessarily easy... yes, we like challenges very much :)

You are welcome to contact us in order to discuss the terms of cooperation.

e-mail address:

phone number: + 48 608 049 051


Klienci polskojęzyczni

+48 608 049 051


English and German speaking customers

+48 798 431 165



Spółdzielnia Socjalna Reklamy i Druku

ul. Koszelew 20

42-500 Będzin

Zakład produkcyjny:

ul. al. Józefa Mireckiego 9
41-205, Sosnowiec

NIP: 625 246 00 00

KRS: 0000667054

+48 608 049 051

Spółdzielnia Socjalna Reklamy i Druku

ul. Koszelew 20

42-500 Będzin

Zakład produkcyjny:

ul. al. Józefa Mireckiego 9
41-205 Sosnowiec

NIP: 625 246 00 00

KRS: 0000667054

+48 608 049 051


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