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A computer embroidery is a technique allowing to stitch a set of patterns onto the fabric with thread. It is the combination of tradition with the newest computer technology, which allows for precision and quickness? in producing the embroidery. Computer embroidery is appreciated for its high durability. It is recognized as the most resilient and fine technique of embellishing apparel. The another advantage is that the embroidery can be used on variety of fabrics, e. g. leather, tulle, and various other fabrics. With the computer embroidery you can expect the precise images reproduction, even the most complex ones. The only limitation is the color palette - up to 15 hues.


The history of embroidery dates back to the ancient times. This complex embellishing technique was mastered by among others Chinese, and Native Americans from Peru, inhabiting the South America long before the Incas. Ones of the oldest embroideries originate from 5th and 4th century BC. Because of high costs of production, the popularization of embroidery only began in 19th century, when the process of production was automatized. 


Nowadays the process is even easier. The design is being prepared in a special manner, and the finished file is sent to the computerized embroidery machine, which in turn stiches the design on a given fabric. 


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