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Hot Foil

Also known as hot-stamping, hot-print or thermoprint. Hot foil incorporates dies in printing process, which conduct heat, and special thermal transfer ribbons.

This method bases on two-step printing. At first the desired design is printed on a garment with a special glue in order to connect with the foil, with aid of already heated and prepared die in order to bring the final appearance. The foil used in the process is characterized by metallic shine in wide variety of colours, which results in metallized-looking print. Thanks to that we may obtain various effects like the mirror, metallic, or holographic effect. The printing is done on cotton, polyester, woven and other fabrics. The method is used on multi-colored fabrics.

Metallic effects adds the rich look to the print, which contributes to the popularity of hot foil method in, among others, advertisement or poligraphy industries. Printing of the business cards, folders, flyers or other gadgets with hot foil technique is a guarantee of high quality, detailed print, characterized with the incredible durability and resistance to damage. This method of embellishment is used in the production of various kinds of albums or greeting cards.


The hot foil prints start from 50 pieces.


Advantages of hot-foil method:

  • The print is resistant to damage

  • Possibility to obtain attractive effects such as metallic or mirror effect

  • Adds the sophisticated, noble look to the print



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